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i have been temporarily blocked from performing tagging action on facebook? lanz08 Level 10 (Genius) 5181 Answers, 2 Friends, 233 Followers "Puk code 1 and puk code 2 is available in would updating android to 2.3 solve the problem? She does run android, 2.1 i think, on a SE xperia x10 mini pro. DeviceId is corresponding IMSI or MSISDN. http://phabletkeyboards.com/error-98/sms-error-98-message-id-54.php

I use the same network and never observed such behavior with my previous phones (HTC Desire, iPhone, Nokia N73...). This appears to happen to 3 main people i send a lot of texts to (or used to send a lot of texts to when i had my old phone). First I thought it was my phone are acting up, but after google-ing around, found out that this has been going for months! Android 2.3.4 on Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Oct 19, 2012 #126 [email protected] Same issue with Samsung Galaxy S3. hop over to this website

Error 98 Sms Termination Denied

I would also like feedback from Google on this problem.... I find I have the problem from people Ive texted a great number of times. I can receive SMS but when I sent one it doesn't get delivered. inboundSMSMessageMandatoryInbound SMS Message received from device.

For the time being I have been able to clear any misunderstandings that have arisen from the bug. Re: SMS error 98 Elitist_Jerk Aug 30, 2011 11:11 PM (in response to thil13) edit the number, make sure it doesn't have a +1. Sorry if this isn't the right place for this thread, I wasn't sure where to put it because I wasn't sure what was wrong. Sms Termination Denied Cause Code 98 i don`t know where to click to bring it back on the facebook pageError 98 smsI can`t upload my photos from my iphone or my samsung to instagram anymore.

POL0005 = Too many notifications requested. Yes | No CommentReplyReportThis answer closely relates to:Cause code means blocked numberMy account was blocked due to hourly limit tagging photos?My facebook account is temporarily blocked.to unblock my account i`m asked I realise that this is not a perfect 'fix' as people like to keep conversations but I weighed up the situation and when I was honest with myself I realised that, check my site When there is a network error, for instance, when you try to send an SMS message when there is no network coverage, you will receive an error which starts with "+CMS

Thanks. Verizon Sms Error 98 Permanent Error When she sends me a message over a certain length the tail end of the message is replaced with part of an old message. It did not. Jul 1, 2012 #68 [email protected] I have this issue con my Huawei Ideos and on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Sms Error 98 Verizon

Nov 24, 2014 #66 [email protected] Can anybody Please share the logs, I can check this issue. https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=79580 How is this even possible when there should be no trace of old messages after deletion? Error 98 Sms Termination Denied Aug 1, 2015 #154 [email protected] Sending SMS without landcode, so local is working, with landcode is not working. Error 98 Sms Termination Denied Verizon If a network does not support this capability, cause No. 1 "unassigned (unallocated) number" shall be used. 24call rejected due to feature at the destinationThis cause is returned when the call

I will be changing to a non-smartphone soon largely because of this problem. navigate here To enable these extended commands, execute the following commands, or add them to your modems init string: AT+CMEE=1 AT&W Below you can find a list containing almost every error code supported Mar 24, 2012 #41 [email protected] I am having the same issue with my texts getting mixed up with a friend. Was this answer helpful? Error 98 Android

These are messages that have been deleted on both phones and are months old. Could receive but not send SMS after 5.0 OTA update for Nexus 4 with Handcent and GoPro (on 012mobile Israeli provider). Jan 15, 2013 #161 [email protected] I had this issue with my Sony Ericsson Mini Pro, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note to solve this problem and its still happening on Check This Out DOES NOT EXIST 268 INV.

Please verify this parameter and retry the transaction. 3019 Your request has failed the CVD check. Sms Error 98 Permanent Error Sms Termination Denied Nov 20, 2014 #48 [email protected] When is OTA for Vodafone NL planned now? SVC0005 = Correlator {0} specified in message part {1} is a duplicate.

Not able to send SMS to any number.

Gene Frenkle CrackBerry Newbie Posts 8 Posts 11-07-10,01:57 AM #22 Originally Posted by mrDude it happens to me too "Happens"
  • deliveryInfoListOptionalNot used by AerFrame.
  • For obscures reasons my phone ereased mmssms.db ( the file where the messages are stocked ).
  • I am thinking of buying an S2 but I see that people using galaxy s2 have the same problem..so is a new android no better?
  • First, try and make sure that the phone recieving the jumbled texts is compatible with multimedia texts. (In my case, the phone recieving my jumbled texts is, we believe, set up Sep 20, 2012 #101 [email protected] I backed up with sms backup & restore. AerFrame stores it as it is without modifying and is not used in any way. Sms Error 38 So...

    We're talking [email protected] Oct 2, 2012 #108 davidf%[email protected] On a phone that was having consistent issues with: * This bug (mixed messages) * Messages not being received (a significant proportion, WindowsManagement.com Internet Resource for Windows management software. Can't send sms. this contact form Dec 5, 2012 #152 [email protected] This happens to me all the time with texts to my girlfriend.

    Valid values are: 'ALL', 'SCHEDULED', 'WEB', 'PHONE' or 'BPAY'. 118 Invalid value provided for the 'PaymentType' parameter. The message said (SMS error 98, Message ID xxx) Destination not authorized to receive. SMS longer than 160 sometimes get mixed with other long sms ( New sms has NPart1 and NPart2. The URL identifies the newly created resource.

    If you have your old prepaid sim card where you pull out your sim used, this card holds the PUK codes at the back of the card. So I dunno where the problem is anymore.. is there a way to fix this problem? Receiving sms works fine as does internet.

    Recently I sent a text to my girlfriend and it got mixed up with one from at least 2 months ago. senderAddressMandatorySender address represent the application to which return message or delivery info may be sent.