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The localhost hostname is the conventional hostname for the loopback interface, and it should resolve to that address. ms ^C ---- PING Statistics---- 3 packets transmitted, 3 packets received, 0% packet loss round-trip (ms) min/avg/max = 0/0/1 If you get "ping: no answer from . . . " or Samba daemons use lmhosts, WINS, the Unix system's name resolution, and then broadcast. We appreciate your feedback. have a peek here

Samba might not catch all the responses in the short time it listens, so you won't always see all the SMB clients on the network. Return to Section Warning: [name] service MUST be printable! The listing below is organized by SMBSTATUS Error Class. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc246324.aspx

Smb2 Create Response Error Status_object_name_not_found

ErrNotALink 513 A link operation was performed on a pathname that was not a link. ERRpipebusy 0x00E7 STATUS_INSTANCE_NOT_AVAILABLE 0xC00000AB STATUS_PIPE_NOT_AVAILABLE 0xC00000AC STATUS_PIPE_BUSY 0xC00000AE All instances of the designated named pipe are busy. The ICMP (and UDP) protocols used by ping are allowed to drop occasional packets. The device certificate cannot be used in the S/MIME function.

One problem that trace can highlight is an incorrect version of a dynamically linked library. For "Name of Shared Directory," I kept "\Documents" there with a backslash; does it matter? A hostname can't be looked up. Cifs Error Codes And Classes Example The netstat command will tell you if this has been done.

If you get ping: network unreachable or ICMP Host Unreachable, you're not receiving an answer, and more than one network is probably involved. For a small amount of log information, you can use log level = 1, which instructs Samba to show only cursory information, in this case only the connection itself: 05/25/02 22:02:11 Higher values result in more voluminous logging. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc246324.aspx Windows 10 requires me to log in with my email account.

See Chapter 2 for more information on creating a basic Samba configuration file. Status_object_name_collision Please advice. Use standard read/write. If smbclient does work, there is a name service problem with the client name service, and you need to go forward to Section and see if you can look up

Smb2 Status_no_more_files

While we can't describe in detail the solution to every problem you might encounter, you should be able to get a good start at resolving the problem by following the advice click site The system doesn't support browsing. Smb2 Create Response Error Status_object_name_not_found the file name is NULL).27Parameter is invalid.42The specified protocol is unavailable.52The process is cancelled by a device reset.55A memory shortage has occurred.56The FTP connection is already open.57Failed to connect to the Cifs_mount Error Codes List ERRqfull 49 Print queue full (files) -- returned by open print file.

See ASP.NET Ajax CDN Terms of Use – http://www.asp.net/ajaxlibrary/CDN.ashx. ]]> User's GuideSearchHomeTroubleshootingError Code ListError Code ListFunctionsCodeDescriptionIEEE802.1X1Connection has already been navigate here On the other hand, if you receive an error, check the following: If you get Get_hostbyname: unknown host localhost, either you've spelled its name wrong or there actually is a problem Each line lists a system call and includes its parameters and the return value. The fault tree in this chapter is a more detailed version of the basic tests suggested by the Samba Team, but it covers only installation and reconfiguration diagnosis, such as DIAGNOSIS.txt. Cifs Error Code 13

In fact, many difficult problems can be identified by looking for obvious, repeatable errors with trace. Show: Inherited Protected Is this page helpful? However, be aware that log levels above 3 will quickly consume disk space with megabytes of excruciating detail concerning Samba's internal operations. Check This Out This pings the loopback address and indicates whether any networking support is functioning.

ERRCMD 0xFF Command was not in the "SMB" format. Invalid Fid ERRremcd 0x0010 STATUS_DIRECTORY_NOT_EMPTY 0xC0000101 Remove of directory failed because it was not empty. ERRgeneral 0x001F STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL 0xC0000001 General error.

The server cannot set the requested attribute.

If you get a Password: prompt, your guest account is not set up properly. ERRSRV--ERRaccess, you aren't permitted access to the server. An invalid users or valid users option in your smb.conf file that doesn't allow your account to connect. Nt Status: Status_more_processing_required (0xc0000016) This means another daemon has been started on port 139 (smbd ).

Name resolution is often related to difficulties with Samba, so we cover it in more detail in the next sections. ERRusempx 0x00FA STATUS_SMB_USE_MPX 0x00FA0002 Temporarily unable to support RAW mode transfers. Looking for daemons bound to ports Next, the daemons have to be registered with the operating system so that they can get access to TCP/IP ports. this contact form The server did not recognize or could not perform a system call generated by the server, e.g., set the DIRECTORY attribute on a data file, invalid seek mode.

The specified UID does not have permission to execute the requested command within the current context (TID). ERRnoresource 0x0059 STATUS_REQUEST_NOT_ACCEPTED 0xC00000D0 No resources currently available for this SMB request. ERRinvalidseek 0x0083 STATUS_OS2_NEGATIVE_SEEK 0x00830001 An attempt was made to seek to a negative absolute offset within a file. If so, it might not be claiming names; this means that Samba is not providing the browsing service—a configuration problem.

When trouble occurs, it's typically during installation or when you're trying to reconfigure the server. Each kind of system has a different preference: Windows 95/98/Me tries WINS and the LMHOSTS file first, then broadcast, and finally DNS and HOSTS files. While its troubleshooting capabilities lie mainly at the OSI network layer, you can still use its output to get a general idea of what the server and client are attempting to