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C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>RegCure Pro.exe Windows Smpp Error Code 1041 may caused by some of the following errors Windows Explorer ErrorsJavascript ErrorsHardware MalfunctionError Symptom include:Can not printing fileBlue ScreenIO errorShutdown problemsHttp error For additional information, archived versions of the SMPP specification can be found at the following link: http://www.nowsms.com/smpp-3-4-protocol-specification-archive Related posts: SMPP Error Code Handling in NowSMS SMPP Connection Types - Sender, Receiver, Filename: [FILENAME]. [MSG] 1410ERROR_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_MMS_ CANNOTDOWNLOAD_CANNOTCREATEDIRCannot create support directory for MMS downloads. [DIRNAME] [MSG] 1411ERROR_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_MMS_ CANNOTDOWNLOAD_CANNOTCONTINUEFAILEDDOWNLOADCannot process entries in MMS download support directory, to continue previously failed MMS downloads. [DIRECTORY] [MSG] 1412ERROR_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_MMS_ Support Support Forums Quick Start Guide Tech Support Bulletins Tech Support Blog Software Updates Newsletter Subscriptions Contact Us Search Documentation System Requirements Installing NowSMS New Customer: Installing Free 60-Day Trial Version http://phabletkeyboards.com/error-code/smpp-error-code-58.php

Cheers! This should not have happened. It is possible that you have used copy paste to insert it. Submit timeout. http://www.smssolutions.net/tutorials/smpp/smpperrorcodes/

Smpp Error Code List

There is a list of some of the tips that one should consider. To use the US SMS standard rate demo short code, your account must be provisioned. The response limit forbids sending more then [NUM] responses to the same number. Footer Navigation Contact Us Sitemap Terms of Use Privacy Policy © 2016 SMSSolutions.net All rights reserved.

amongst others go through when faced with his/ her machine, signs, i.e. Directive: '[DIRECTIVE]' 1046ERROR_CONFIG_INVALIDSECTION_SECTIONUNCLOSEDUnclosed section in configuration file. It may have been deleted, because previous part was not accepted. Esme Receiver Temporary App Error Code Unknown direction: '[DIRECTION]' 1216ERROR_ROUTER_COULDNOTFINDROUTEOUTMessage dropped.

Reason: [MSG] 1540ERROR_USER_ACCOUNTING_REQUEST_INSUFFICIENT_CREDITSCannot reserve credits: Insufficient credits '[BALANCE]' but needed '[NEEDED]'. [ENVSTR] 1541ERROR_USER_ACCOUNTING_UPDATE_INSUFFICIENT_CREDITSCannot start operation: Insufficient credits ([BALANCE]). [ENVSTR] 1542ERROR_USER_ACCOUNTING_ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUNDAccount for user '[USER]' not found. [ENVSTR] 1543ERROR_USER_ACCOUNTING_TRANSACTION_ADDCannot save transaction to file: STEP 2:Click the "Quick Scan" button. SMPP, UCP and OZTEXT are supported. 1106ERROR_IFTCPCLIENT_TEXT_SYNTAXERRORUser '[USER]' has entered unknown command '[COMMAND]' on console. 1107ERROR_IFTCPCLIENT_TEXT_UNKNOWNPARAMUser '[USER]' has entered unknown parameter '[PARAMETER]' for command '[COMMAND]' on console. 1108ERROR_IFTCPCLIENT_TCP_CLIENTTIMEOUTTimeout. https://www.nowsms.com/smpp-error-code-reference Shortcut Menu Sponsor Submit a program Contact us SMSSolutions.net Skip Main Navigation Home Freeware Hardware GSM/GPRS Modems GSM/GPRS Modules CDMA Modems CDMA Modules Software SMS/MMS Applications SMS/MMS Gateways SMS Components WAP

For a list of the codes returned by TLV 0x2153, see TLVs returned in responses and delivery receipts. Smpp Error Code 45 Message part dropped. 3331INFO_DRIVER_SENDING_USINGBACKUPROUTESending message [ENVSTR] through backup route using service provider connection '[DRIVER]' 3341INFO_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_SIMSMSC_MATCHES_CONFIGUREDSMSCThe address of SIM SMSC ([SIMSMSC]) and the address of SMSC specified in the configuration form ([SETSMSC]) The Windows Smpp Error Code 1041 are easy to repair. Unbind other sessions or contact OpenMarket to purchase additional concurrent sessions. 0x00000411 1041 Deliver_SM not allowed. 0x00000412 1042 Failed while converting from account's default alphabet to IA5.

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Regcure found over 2500 errors including the Smpp Error Code 1041 and fixed them all. https://docs.openmarket.com/Content/devguides/integration/smpp-om-error-codes.htm RegCure worked like a charm on the first try. Smpp Error Code List Type your templates manually. Esme Receiver Reject Message Error Status: 1041, Message Id: , Sequence: 2815409/07/2014 00:00:31: SubmitSmResp received.

Make sure your UDH is correctly formatted. 0x0000040A 1034 Invalid qos_time_to_live. navigate here Inserting it into database. The following list is an overview of codes SMPP providers will return in the "command_status" field in case of an error. Willy Mularto sangprabv at gmail.com On Jun 4, 2013, at 9:05 PM, Michael Bochkaryov wrote: > There is also another possible issue. > > SMSC may use different Smpp Submit_sm Response Codes

Check for closing ,, tags. 1047ERROR_CONFIG_INVALIDPARAM_ALREADYEXISTSDuplicate values for parameter '[PARAM]' in [SECTIONNAME1] and [SECTIONNAME2]. All sorted now. Status: 255, Message Id: , Sequence: 2815109/07/2014 00:00:28: SubmitSmResp received. Check This Out No response received for PDU '[PDUTYPE]' 1109ERROR_IFTCPCLIENT_SMPP_INVALIDPDUInvalid PDU received: '[PDU]' 1110ERROR_IFTCPCLIENT_SMPP_PROTOCOLUNSUPPORTEDProtocol '[PROT]' not supported for this user.

The profess cons and it. Smpp Delivery Status Codes Message: '[MSG]' 3531INFO_USER_SQL_SELECT_MESSAGESFOUNDOutgoing message found in database (database id: [DBID]). [MSG] 3532INFO_USER_SQL_UPDATEMessage [EVENT]. Creating error file [ERRFILE]. [MSG] 2515WARN_USER_MESSAGESTORE_MESSAGE_NOTFOUNDMessage [MSGID] not found in queue.

Is your GSM phone or modem powered on? 1415ERROR_DRIVER_CANNOTCREATEDRIVER_COULDNOTINITCould not initialize service provider connection [INSTANCE]. [MSG] 1416ERROR_DRIVER_SUBMITPDU_ERRORCould not submit PDU.

Reason: '[REASON]' 1044ERROR_CONFIG_CANNOTDELETE_FILECannot delete configuration file. [FILENAME] [MSG] 1045ERROR_CONFIG_INVALIDSECTIONInvalid configuration directive in '[SECTIONNAME]' configuration. Message: '[MSG]' 3540INFO_USER_EMAIL_GENERAL[PRE][MSG] 3541INFO_USER_EMAIL_READINGMESSAGES_INTOMEMORYRead uid of processed e-mails into memory from: '[MSG]' 3542INFO_USER_EMAIL_READMESSAGES_INTOFILEWrite uid of processed e-mails from memory into : '[MSG]' 3550INFO_USER_HTTPCLIENT_POST_REQUESTInitiating HTTP [METHOD] request to [URL]. It has outstanding APIs for software developers. Smpp Bind Failed Smpp Error Code 1041 is usually caused by a corrupted registry entry.

If you cannot submit this messages, please try to use international number format (plus sign + country code + number). Use a different username to connect with a second instance! No response received for PDU '[PDUTYPE]' 1112ERROR_IFTCPCLIENT_SMPP_FORCEOUTAnother SMPP client ([CLIENTNAME]) is logged in with this username and password. this contact form GsmFavorites.com Internet resource for mobile communication software.

Invalid routing mode: '[ACTION]'. [LINENO] 1215ERROR_ROUTER_UNKNOWNDIRECTIONCannot add route. Disabling callback requests. 2361WARN_DRIVER_PARLAYX_DELIVERYCALLBACK_NOT_SUPPORTEDDelivery report callbacks in ParlayX Version 2.0 are not supported 2500WARN_USER_BASE 2501WARN_USER_ALREADY_ENABLEDUser has already been enabled. 2502WARN_USER_ALREADY_DISABLEDUser has already been disabled. 2510WARN_USER_MESSAGESTORE_CANNOTDOWNLOAD_MESSAGELISTCannot read message from queue [QUEUE]. [REASON] I owe you a drink!” Phyliss: - 7 Months Ago “I was getting loads of errors until I tried this. Message '[MSG]'. 1225ERROR_ROUTER_COULDNOTFINDROUTEOUT_SIMPLEMessage dropped.

You have to connect to the service manually by clicking on the connect link. 2304WARN_DRIVER_SUBMITTING_EMPTYMESSAGEThe messagedata of the envelope is empty. 2310WARN_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_NOTCONFIGUREDSome mandatory parameters are empty on the configuration form.