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Smpp Error Code 111


UCP-EMI supports: GSM, GPRS, UMTS, TDMA, CDMA networks Submission of SMS short messages Reception of notifications For more information about UCP-EMI you can consult the UCP-EMI specification: UCP-EMI 4.0 Specification In This section describes the statuses and codes returned in those delivery reports. Request PUT /xms/v1/{service_username}/groups/{group_id} JSON object parameters: Name Description JSON Type Default Constraints Required name Name of group. Messages states A message will always be in one of the following states: Message state Value Description ENROUTE 1 Message is in the process of being sent to the destination Delivered http://phabletkeyboards.com/error-code/smpp-error-code-58.php

Requests with invalid JSON will be rejected. List inbound messages Retrieve the first 30 inbound messages. Sending PDU, len == 16 Sending PDU, header-len == 16 Sending PDU, command_id == 21 Trying to read PDU. The REST API shares most of it’s error codes with other Mblox services. https://help.nexmo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204015763-SMPP-Error-Codes

Smpp Error Code List

Lines highlighted in green relate to the message returned if the message is sent successfully.Routing-code:1 (MO)There is no specific ErrorCode of this route. ISO-8601 String modified_at Timestamp for when message was last updated. A unique name can also be optionally applied to a group if desired. Binary message not allowed on profile. - This message does not allow binary messages.410 Temporary System failure, please retry.411 Number unroutable.

Possible error codes include syntax_invalid_json, syntax_invalid_parameter_format and syntax_constraint_violation. 403 Forbidden The system was not able to fulfill your request. Airship weapons, gliders How do you say "enchufado" in English? It can be used to create VoIP client and server software. Contact Us! If you wish to get further information, do not hesitate to contact us! Smpp Error Code 45 Create a group named My group with two members.

Final Rejected Message was rejected by SMSC. Smsc Error Code List Received PDU: €(0)(0)(2)(0)(0)(0)(13)(0)(0)(0)(1) Error binding to SMPP server. ISO-8601 String 400 Bad Request There was an error with your request. check over here The following sections lists the necessary information and certain choices.

Delivery Reports The REST API uses message statuses and error codes in delivery reports, which refer to the state of the SMS batch and can be either retrieved or sent to Smpp Delivery Status Codes Do not retry.419Number unroutable. in an active directory domain name Does Wi-Fi traffic from one client to another travel via the access point? There are two different types of errors: (A) Errors generated on the SMPP/HTTP connection between customer and CLX Networks’ SMPP/HTTP server and (B) Errors received in the status reports (Delivery reports,

Smsc Error Code List

Batches are returned in reverse chronological order. We only use information from the Status field.Error codeError DescriptionPermanentStatus0000Message deliveredYDELIVRDRouting-code:2 (MB)Error-CodeError DescriptionPermanentStatus1Phone relatedNoBUFFERED2Deliver related: message within operatorNoBUFFERED3Accepted bySMSCNoACKED4Delivered to mobile devicen/aDELIVERED5Message failed - detailed reason is unknownn/aFAILED6Final status of message Smpp Error Code List These are listed below: Status code Name Status Description 400 Queued Queued Message is queued within REST API system and will be dispatched according to the rate of the account. 401 Submit_sm Response Codes E-mail: [email protected] If you have a technical question, please submit a support request on-line.

One message: 30 PDU spec: a1cca1cca14ccca1a1ccccca30. his comment is here For example if an MSISDN is not possible formatted. 400 syntax_constraint_violation The request body doesn’t fulfill all of the constraints set by the API. Final Delivered Message has been delivered. How are you?" }' \ "https://api.mblox.com/xms/v1/{service_username}/batches" Response for a successfully created message. { "from": "12345", "to": [

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}" \ class="s2">"https://api.mblox.com/xms/v1/{service_username}/inbounds" Retrieve the third page of inbound messages with a page size of 50. curl -X POST \ -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d ' { "name": "My groups collection", "child_groups": [ "dxCJTlfb1UsF", "yiinTKVNAEAu" ], "name": "My Will always be recipient_deliveryreport_sms String batch_id The ID of the batch this delivery report belongs to String recipient The recipient MSISDN String code The detailed status code. this contact form Do not retry.417Number unroutable.

Developed by GXPMEDIA.COM Products Now SMS & MMS Gateway NowSMS MMSC NowWAP Gateway Now SMS & MMS Lite About Newsletter What is NowSMS? Smpp Bind Failed Connection lost. Do not retry.41A Number unroutable.

Retrying is likely to cause the same error. 403 Internal error Aborted An unexpected error caused the message to fail. 404 Temporary delivery failure Aborted Message failed because of temporary delivery

The rate limit is per actual message so a batch with 10 recipients will count as 10 messages. Using Unicode Characters: Message Length Number of SMS Parts 1 - 70 1 71 - 132 2 133 - 198 3 199 - 264 4 264 - 330 5 331 - Request GET /xms/v1/{service_username}/batches/{batch_id}/delivery_report Query parameters: Name Description Type Default Constraints Required type The type of delivery report. Smpp Delivery Receipt Error Codes For additional information, archived versions of the SMPP specification can be found at the following link: http://www.nowsms.com/smpp-3-4-protocol-specification-archive Related posts: SMPP Error Code Handling in NowSMS SMPP Connection Types - Sender, Receiver,

If no time zone offset is specified (local time in ISO-8601) then UTC will be used. In addition to this, one or more tags may be applied to a group, to make it easier to identify and manage multiple groups with matching tags. curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}" \ "https://api.mblox.com/xms/v1/{service_username}/inbounds?start_date=20140623TZ&end_date=20140624TZ" Retrieve the batches sent to 12345 or 54321. navigate here What is the difference between brake cables and derailleur cables?

ISO-8601 No Must be valid ISO-8601 string No Response 200 OK Name Description JSON Type page The requested page Integer page_size The number of inbounds returned in this request Integer count Why were Native American code talkers used during WW2? On the Access Configuration Panel, the ports are named as follows: Name Port Number smpp 9000 smppnogsm 8000 UCP-EMI Introduction UCP-EMI (Universal Computer Protocol/External Machine Interface) is a transfer protocol that curl -X POST \ -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d ' { "name": null }' \ "https://api.mblox.com/xms/v1/{service_username}/groups/{group_id}" With the update group

This operation supports pagination.