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Smsc Error Code 11


What is an SMS Service Provider? Generated Thu, 27 Oct 2016 23:38:22 GMT by s_wx1199 (squid/3.5.20) ESME_RINVMSGLEN 1 Invalid Message Length (sm_length parameter) ESME_RINVCMDLEN 2 Invalid Command Length (command_length in SMPP PDU) ESME_RINVCMDID 3 Invalid Command ID (command_id in SMPP PDU) ESME_RINVBNDSTS 4 Incorrect BIND status for SMPP Interface API SMPP Interface Specification SMPP interface specification technical manual. http://phabletkeyboards.com/error-code/smsc-error-code-8.php

It simply responds appropriately to the SMPP commands that our service supports. Purchase NowSMS Latest Release Supports Android Phones as GSM Modems to Send & Receive SMS + MMS Free Trial Versions Available:Now SMS/MMS GatewayNowSMS Lite Contact Us Now Wireless Limited Bourne House, Connection Settings Host and Port Information: Host/Portname Primary Host * Backup Host Hostname smpp1.world-text.com smpp2.world-text.com TX Port 8010 8010 RX Port 8010 8010 TRX Port 8010 8010 Please check back regularly SMPP activation normally takes no longer than 24 hours excluding weekends. https://help.nexmo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204015763-SMPP-Error-Codes

Smpp Error Code List

SMPP Server Restarts From time to time the SMPP server is restarted to allow for upgrades and configuration changes, although we try to keep these to a minimum, they are required. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. If this is not set, your bind will be rejected.

  1. SMPP Interface The SMPP protocol allows a client's applications to access World-Text's Mobile Message Routing Platform (MMRP) to send and/or receive SMS.
  2. Value Meaning 0x400 Insufficient credit remaining on pre-pay account or credit limit has been reached (invoiced accounts).
  3. SMPP Commands The Following List Contains All of the Commands Supported By Our API Bind Transmitter Bind Transmitter Response Bind Receiver Bind Receiver Response Bind Transceiver Bind Transceiver Response Unbind Unbind
  4. Please contact the Support Team to discuss your needs.
  5. These fields are required for the Bind Transmitter/Receiver/Transceiver PDUs.
  6. you run out of credit if your account is a prepaid one )02UNDELIVYMobile network attemtps to deliver the message have been failed03ACCEPTEDNMobile network has accepted message for delivery04FAILEDYMobile network is unable
  7. The following list is an overview of codes SMPP providers will return in the "command_status" field in case of an error.

One such SDK is the SMPP Developers Toolkit and is available from Logica CMG. Custom Status Values In addition to the standard SMPP status values returned in SMPP Message Header, the following are also valid vendor-specific values. See Here For Instructions To Enable JavaScript Safely. Smpp Delivery Status Codes Optional Parameters Optional parameters (v3.4) are not supported, this is due to the lack of support by operators that we connect to.

Version 5.0 SMPP support is currently unplanned. Submit_sm Response Codes SMPP Interface Specifications SMPP Version 3.3 Interface Specification SMPP Version3.4 Interface Specification SMPP Link Tester The SMPP link tester is a simple SMPP Windows 2000/XP/Vista application that test basic TRX bind SMPP Version The provided SMPP support is SMPP version 3.3 and a cut down version 3.4, the full SMPP specification can be downloaded from the World-Text web site at www.world-text.com/docs and http://www.smssolutions.net/tutorials/smpp/smpperrorcodes/ SMS Throughput Accounts should not submit any faster than 10 SMS/sec, if you require higher throughput please contact the Support Team to discuss your needs.

Developed by GXPMEDIA.COM The Email & SMS Delivery Solution Linked ApplicationsLoading… Spaces Browse Pages Blog Labels Space Operations Quick Search Help Online Help Keyboard Shortcuts Feed Builder What’s new Available Gadgets Smpp Delivery Receipt Error Codes USA (Direct route): Features & Restrictions nexmo Products & Pricing SMS Voice Verify Chat App Number Insight Get to know us Why Nexmo About Nexmo Careers Leadership Press Resources Docs Support Value Description 1 Unable to deliver SM - delivery abandoned 2 The SM has expired 3 The SM has been delivered 4 The SM has been deleted by the owning SME Do not retry.422 Destination unavailable, please try again.Status different than "NACK"The following table shows the values of specific ErrorCode for the route.

Submit_sm Response Codes

If you would like to verify your application against our simulator simply contact us and we will send you the connection details required. Error Number Error Name Error Description 0x00000000 ESME_ROK No Error 0x00000001 ESME_RINVMSGLEN Message too long 0x00000002 ESME_RINVCMDLEN Command length is invalid 0x00000003 ESME_RINVCMDID Command ID is invalid or not supported 0x00000004 Smpp Error Code List During a restart, clients are disconnected and all Submit SM PDUs that have been successfully responded to with a Submit SM Response, but have not yet been dispatched, are cached to Esme Receiver Reject Message Error imsi detached.  106absent subscriber.

WindowsDevelopment.com Internet Resource for Windows development software. his comment is here Footer Navigation Contact Us Sitemap Terms of Use Privacy Policy © 2016 SMSSolutions.net All rights reserved. The information or statements in this document concerning the specification or performance of World Text software or hardware systems shall not constitute any binding promise or warranty. Do not retry.41CNumber Temporarily unroutable, please try again.41D Number unroutable. Smpp Error Code 45

Do not retry.419Number unroutable. Do not retry.41A Number unroutable. Please note, the simulator is NOT a protocol verifier, neither does it deliver messages. http://phabletkeyboards.com/error-code/smsc-error-code.php Do not retry.41B Number unroutable.

System Type The System Type should always be set to: SMPP TON and NPI Settings When creating your SMPP packets for alphanumeric source addresses you should use a Type of Number Esme Receiver Temporary App Error Code In this case the message will always be queued even after the actual deliveryBelow are the descriptions of the codes returned in case of error.StatusThe possible values areNACK: request immediately rejected line line line Nexmo Products & Pricing SMS Voice Verify Chat App Number Insight Why Nexmo Try it free Docs Support SIGN IN Nexmo Products & Pricing SMS Voice Verify Chat

Value Description 0 Success 1 The operation was rejected because argument value(s) were missing or invalid, or you have been barred from using the operation. 2 The operation failed because the

Delivery retry  497sMS blocked due to unauthorised content  498submit SM/Multi failed  499submit w/replace invalid  500subscriber temp. It can also indicate that the SMPP server has too many messages pending for the specified recipient and will not accept any more messages for this recipient until it is able WindowsToolkits.com Internet Resource for Windows toolkit software. Smpp Bind Failed Code 13 Report a bug Atlassian News Atlassian Login / Sign-up Create Free Account Contact Us Login Login / Sign-up Create Free Account Contact Us Login Toggle navigation Home Services Receive

Enquire Link Our servers dispatch Enquire Link PDUs every 90 seconds, if a correctly sequenced Enquire Link Response PDU is not received, the link will be disconnected without an Unbind request Do not retry.417Number unroutable. Lines highlighted in green relate to the message returned if the message is sent successfully.Routing-code:1 (MO)There is no specific ErrorCode of this route. navigate here For a protocol verifier we suggest WireShark.

On start-up these data files are reloaded so that no submitted data is lost. Character Set Support Character set support is restricted to GSM and Unicode as this is the common subset supported by carriers and networks that we connect to. If you require to use a different source address then please see the information on our web site to request additional source addresses. SMS API Documentation Use the World Text custom APIs - HTTP REST, SMPP and SMTP to add SMS functionality to your applications and services.

Actions are not possible until the connection is restored SMSC returned error code 0x00000014 (Message Queue Full) in response to submit_sm Ravindra Gupta // Viva ravindra at vivainfomedia.com Fri Jun 22