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Spa Pool Error Codes


You can reset the heater by pressing any button once the heater has cooled. But in the last 3 days everytime you turn the Jets on and it runs for 10 minutes it pops the main breaker in the house. Dirty Filter.5. Heat Related Pump Not Primed. my review here

rtr 180 days Clean & condition outside surfaces per manufacturer’s instr. To clear the message press button D toreturn to the Main Menu Press the D button to clear the message and return to the main menu. The J- 470 features four deep bucket seats for the ultimate deep sitting hot tub. OHH Stands for “Overheat.” The spa shuts down because sensors detected high heat temperatures of 118°F (47.8°C) at location near the heater.

Spa Error Codes

Hope not. Jets pump 1 will likely deactivate, also. 1. All Reminder Messages can be Disabled through the Topside Panel Users Menu.* Note: The Balboa Default Interval is 180 Days, but some Spa Brands or Models may be Different.

If Not, Continue to Next Step.Spas with Pump Suction Blockage Switch:1. The Water Temperature will probably drop Below Set Temperature between Filter Cycles. IC Stands for “Ice.” The system has detected a potential condition for freeze. Great Lakes Hot Tub Error Codes May need to get it replaced.

What parts or scenarios would cause nothing to come on in this model?Thanks! Vita Spa Error Codes The temperature will be displayed once the pump runs for 2 minutes. -- Temperature isn’t current in Standby or Economy mode. So before pressing any buttons, verify that water is flowing from the circ pump outlet. Sending a digital picture is very helpful in helping us to troubleshoot or answer any questions.

It has its own 60amp GFCI shutoff that is hardwired. Balboa Spa Control Manual If there is Now a Message Other than a "rtC" or "RTC FAILURE" Real Time Clock Error Message, that Message will Now have to be Diagnosed. rCL 30 days Take out, clean hot tub filter per manufacturer’s instr. But even though I rigged the tformer by building up solder to the busted leg it is working perfectly and actually better than ever cause I spent money on a really

Vita Spa Error Codes

Look in the heater if possible as well. Keep in mind this error may display itself temporarily in situations of overheating. Spa Error Codes If the Spa with the "SF" Safety Fault Error Message has a pump suction blockage switch, Select "Spas with Pump Suction Blockage Switch" Below. How To Fix Flo Error Hot Tub If there is Now a Message Other than a "PSt" or "PERSIST FAIL" Persistent Memory Error Message, that Message will Now have to be Diagnosed.

This setting is not user-programmable. this page There is no power routing to the hot tub. My filter after two days was really dirty I guess from rain and no cover. Matt Giovanisci Sounds like you have an issue with your pump. Marquis Spa Error Codes

Back to Top drY, dY, or HEATER DRY SERVICE REQD Message There is a Verified "Dry" (drY or dY) Condition in the Heater.The "dr" or "HEATER MAY BE DRY WILL RETEST If there is Now a "PSt" or "PERSIST FAIL" Persistent Memory Error Message, contact your Dealer or Service Organization. Verify the pump is primed if water levels are adequate. get redirected here Press "Mode" Button to Clear Message.

rdr 90 days Drain & refill the spa per manufacturer’s instr. Sl Code On Hot Tub If the "SF" Error Message is not cleared from the topside panel display, contact your Dealer or Service Organization. We’ve been Providing custom quality Hot tub Covers and Spa Covers at a great price and with great service since 2005.

Now that it is getting hot outside (upper 80's to lower 90's) the GFCI is tripping every day around the same time (3-3:30PM).

If checks indicate the water level is adequate, verify the pumps are been primed and you can press any of the buttons to reset manually dr4 There is insufficient amount of FREEZE COND Stands for “Ice”- The system has detected a potential condition for freeze. No action is needed. Hot Tub Error Code Oh SL = Sleep mode Brett Aqualine Control Systems for Spas or Hot Tubs: OH = Temp exceeds 118° F Fr = Freeze condition - temp below 40° FFL = Pressure switch

In this condition, an attempt is made to trip the GFCI, which would shut off all power to the spa. Rt9 30 days Test & reset breaker for the GFCI per manufacturer’s instr. The J- 365 features four deep bucket seats and four smaller bench seats. useful reference System will restart when temp.

This is a normal spa function; no further action is necessary.When either sensor reads below 40 degrees F., the system provides freeze protection. Hiring a technician or replacing the heater is the next best course of action. For further troubleshooting click here. What Destroys Hot Tub Covers - What can I do to Save Our Cover?

Shut off power and contact the dealer or a service technician if spa does not reset. I can reset it after about 30 minutes and it stays on until the next day around the same time. Sn1 Stands for “Sensor 1” and displays when the high-limit sensor is malfunctioning. Note: Internal freeze protection only functions when there is proper power running to the spa, and the control system is operational.

The J-465 is a great spa or hot tub with many seat choices.