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Spa Topside Error Codes


LF = Persistent low flow problems. (Displays on the 5th occurrence of "HFL" message with 24 hours). HFL = Substantial difference between temperature sensors detected. Heater is deactivated. Press any topside button to reset a digital spa after the water has cooled to 100° F. navigate to this website

If there is Now an Error Message, select Message Other than CrC or CHKSUM FAIL below.No Error Messages3. Could be low current to spa or transformer problems. Ecn = Spa operating in Economy Mode. Email Address: Bath/Spa Professionals Homeowners Home | Contact Us | About Us | My Account | Shipping Policy | Return Policy | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Cannot Find

Spa Error Codes

Dirty Filter.5. If the "SF" Error Message is not cleared from the topside panel display, contact your Dealer or Service Organization. The heater is deactivated. This Mode allows the User to Replace or Clean a Pressure Side Filter Cartridge without Equipment turning ON unexpectedly.

  1. If the spa is left in this state, no user functions will operate, but Freeze Protection remains active.Cycling the power will clear the gFI fault and run the test again.Once a
  2. Check for clogged filter.
  3. All Reminder Messages can be Disabled through the Topside Panel Users Menu.* Note: The Balboa Default Interval is 30 Days, but some Spa Brands or Models may be Different.
  4. Code dCP is displayed if error is found.
  5. If actual water temp is same as topside, likely must replace board.

Spa unusable. The spa is at a temperature above 108° . Test and Reset the G.F.C.I. Marquis Spa Error Codes After about 45 Seconds, Check for Error Messages on the Topside Panel Display.

Back to Top - - F, - - C, or - - Message The Actual Water Temperature is "Unknown" (- -).Priming Mode has been Exited and the Pump has Not yet Snb = Spa is shut down. See HERE For More Error Help

FC Freeze condition. Spa will shut down and require manual reset.

A service technician must carefully evaluate the pumps and circuit board before allowing the spa to run again.Check For Suction Blockage:1. Gecko Spa Pack Error Codes Heater is shut down LO Freeze Condition LOC Control Panel functions Locked Loc Panel / Keypad Locked LS=0, LS=S Multiple causes - open circuit sensor, faulty panel connection, improper voltage, etc See HERE For More Error Help

HtS Water Temp-Hts-Water Temp, tS-0-ts, or tS-255-Ht-Oht-tS- System checks the integrity of the water temperature sensor. If alternating with temp, may be temporary condition.

Balboa Spa Control Manual

Back to Top rSA or CK SANITIZER Message Time to Check "Sanitizer Level Reminder" (rSA).Appears Every 7 Days*. Test and Adjust pH Level per Manufacturers Instructions. Spa Error Codes With the the Pump ON, prior to Heater ON, the Sensors differ by more than 2°F (1.0°C), indicating one or both Sensors are several degrees off. Balboa Hot Tub Codes Sl Back to Top Pr or PRIMING MODE TAKES 4 MIN Message The Spa is Operating in "Priming" (Pr) Mode.The Spa has just been powered up and is in Priming Mode for

hot = Overheating, water over 112° F. useful reference Visa Mastercard PayPal Spa Geek Help Topside Errors dCP System checks for DC power relay (master control relay) activity. Switch closed while pump is deactivated. Status of the heater element is unknown. Vita Spa Error Codes

Low speed /circ pump will run until the temp risesabove 45° F. There is Not Enough Water Flow through the Heater to carry the Heat Away from the Heating Element. If there is No Error Message, Select "No Error Message" Below. my review here OHH = Overheat.

Pressure switch is not working. Spa Command Panel Instructions Other Heating Modes are Standard, Standard in Economy, and Sleep Modes. The Water Temperature is Sampled Only during Programmed Filter Cycles.

If the temperature sensor has failed, one of these errors will show on the topside.

Under NO circumstances should a pump be allowed to run without priming beyond the end of the 4 minute Priming Mode. If Not, Continue to Next Step.Spas with Pump Suction Blockage Switch:1. For more information regarding Balboa tech support click here Gecko Spa Side Error Codes FLO : Pressure switch failure, switch open FLC : Pressure switch failure, switch closed Prr : Temp Hot Tub Error Code Oh If a continuously running low-speed-only pump is only used for filtering (not for heating), that is not called a circ pump, but instead may be referred to as a "continuous filtration

Press "Mode" Button to Clear Message. Back to Top ICE, IC, or FREEZE COND Message A Potential Freeze Condition has been Detected, and "Ice" (ICE) in the System is being Prevented.44°F (6.7°C) or Lower has been Detected Inadequate water detected in heater. get redirected here Your cache administrator is webmaster.

PSoC = Pressure switch open with circulating pump. Spa has shut down. Check for proper water level, pump is primed, leaks and/or clogged filter. It may be possible for a stuck relay to free itself after the power cycle, but the spa cannot clear the the HOt message without starting up in Test Mode first.

Oht condition requires Manual Reset action either by pushing the WARMER and COOLER buttons simultaneously, or by turning the main power off and then back on. drops. Do not use spa when temperature is flashing or the OH message is displayed. No action is necessary.

Too Many Closed Jets.6. Switch closed while pump is deactivated FL Flow/pressure switch stuck in closed position orpressure switch or flow switch failure FLC, FL2 Flow/pressure switch closed circuit - debris in switch, perforated diaphragm. Press Any Button to Reset and Clear the Error Message.3. See HERE For More Error Help

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In this condition, an attempt is made to trip the GFCI, which would shut off all power to the spa. This indicates a Possible Problem with the System Board. All Reminder Messages can be Disabled through the Topside Panel Users Menu.* Note: The Balboa Default Interval is 180 Days, but some Spa Brands or Models may be Different. Low speed pump & heater activate Cold Temp in heater housing is below 40° F.

Other Heating Modes are Standard, Standard in Economy, and Sleep Modes.Ecn or Ec is ON Solid (Not Flashing):The Current Water Temperature is "Unknown" (- - - or - -) while in Categories Consumer Research for Best Hot Tub (99) hottubworks.com (126) life (130) spa chemicals (67) spa covers (160) Spa Crystals (11) spa filter (31) spa heater (25) Spa Ozone (17) Spa A potential freeze condition has been detected (60 deg F or below). Back to Top SnA, SA, or SENSOR A SERVICE REQD Message "Sensor A" (SnA or SA) is Not Operating Correctly.The Sensor Connected to the "Sens.A" Connector on the System Board may