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Socket Error 3406


To update the fonts database, click Directory > Build Fonts.dir. Type the correct user name to avoid this error message. The server can use a built-in color name database, but this should be a temporary fix. My code follows: [#include "header.h" #include "window.h" void tcppacket_init(struct tcp_packet packet); void window_init(); void fill_window(u32 sequence,char *buf,int i); void window_update(int n); void make_outpack(u32 sequence,char * buf); int newsend(int socket,char *buf, int weblink

An X client found a font in the Storage directory for font server fonts. Extensions are assigned automatically based on file type. RX461 You have enabled access control, but the Xhosts file is empty. Can't add a font to the Fonts.dir file. http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=nas8N1016309

Tcp Socket Error Codes

Example: The Reflection Virtual Desktop (Rvd.exe) cannot be executed because there is not enough available memory. In X terminology, a window is "mapped" when it is eligible for display on the screen. Edit the Command so that it is shorter.

You are trying to connect to an XDMCP host over a non-TCP/IP network. You can add a character set provided by a vendor by copying a header file to your Reflection X user subdirectory and adding its name to the Vendor.lst text file. Reflection X is disabling XDMCP because there is currently no TCP/IP support. Tcp Socket Error Bgp You cannot run a trace.

RX2111 XDM session declined by host (%s). Cheers! Invalid login. http://infocenter.arm.com/help/topic/com.arm.doc.dui0144b/BABCHBGH.html RX3409 Error binding DECnet socket.

Then, edit the Connection Settings displayed on the right side of the window. Http Error Codes RX5047 Unable to expand %s RXC string macro because associated transport could not be initialized. My PC is now running much faster and is far more reliable. RX4557 Character not found.

  1. Please verify that your DECnet network software is loaded and is in your path.
  2. RX1130 The following modified setting(s) will not take effect until Reflection X is reset: This message appears after you have made one or more changes that require Reflection X to be
  3. RX2102 Your XDMCP connection timed out.
  4. Option ignored.
  5. I owe you a drink!” Noah: - 7 Months Ago “I was getting loads of errors until I tried this.
  6. RX5213 No local resource database has been loaded, and no X client or XDM session has stored resources in the RESOURCE_MANAGER property.

Tcp Ip Error Codes List

Answer: These are the error return values that TCPIP returns to XCOM, also referred to as the TXPI secondary return code. Filter will not be saved. Tcp Socket Error Codes It probably timed out waiting for your response. Socket Error Codes Linux To access information on the following secure socket error code messages, complete the following: 1.

Thanks memcpy works :). have a peek at these guys Make sure you are using the correct host name, and you are able to ping or establish a Telnet connection to the host. See product administrator help for information on setting up a host database of clients. To start a client, you must have at least one transport (TCP/IP or DECnet) enabled in the Network Settings dialog box. Tcp Error Codes

The second number, which is the node number, must be in the range 1-1023. RX263 The -d option must be followed by a host name. You may also see this error if you try to exceed the number of sockets supported by your network software or by Reflection X. check over here Some Reflection X errors are not listed here either because they are self-explanatory, or because they require assistance from Technical Support.

Please verify that Rntelnx.dll is installed and is in your path. RX4450 %s transport is initialized via %s. If Host-based security (Security Settings) is selected, only XDMCP connections are allowed.

sendto error: socket operation on non-socket.

Contact your system administrator to verify your privileges. The version of Reflection for Windows specified in the .EXE box (shown under Connection Settings when you're configuring a local connection) is incorrect.If you have a newer version installed, change the If you do not close the server, your changes are recorded, but they will not be in effect until you restart Reflection X.For more information about closing Reflection X, see the RX5131 Not enough memory to start Reflection X Client Wizard.

RX453 No host access security file has been specified. Before you restart Reflection X with this setting, make sure Pwsock.dll is in your path. Close other applications to free system resources before trying to save your graphics selection. this content For more information regarding support for DECnet in Reflection X, see the product help.

I have teh sockets declared as global variables. Filter will not be saved. Windows internal error # %i. Make sure that Nmapi32.dll is included in your path.