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Socket Error 78


Check whether the user's ECB was already posted. 1112 ECANCEL 2001 EINVALIDRXSOCKETCALL REXX™ A syntax error occurred in the RXSOCKET parameter list. There are lots of these, so without checking the server-side logs any fixes are just a guess. Call your system administrator. 55 ENOBUFS IP_BLOCK_SOURCE, IP_ADD_SOURCE_ MEMBERSHIP, MCAST_BLOCK_SOURCE, MCAST_JOIN_SOURCE_ GROUP, SIOCSIPMSFILTER, SIOCSMSFILTER, setipv4sourcefilter, setsourcefilter A maximum of 64 source filters can be specified per multicast address, interface address pair. Correct the function address parameter. 49 EADDRNOTAVAIL Connect The calling host cannot reach the specified destination. his comment is here

Contact your system administrator. 6 ENXIO All The device or driver was not found. Correct the GETSOCKOPT OPTNAME option. 45 EOPNOTSUPP IOCTL (SIOCTTLSCTL requesting TTLS_INIT_ CONNECTION, TTLS_RESET_ SESSION, TTLS_RESET_ CIPHER or TTLS_STOP_ CONNECTION) Mapped policy indicates that AT-TLS is not enabled for the connection. How come Ferengi starships work? You can check this link Maybe this helps someone. recommended you read

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Call your system administrator. 90 ECONNCLOSED All The connection was closed by a peer. The value for socket descriptor was not valid. For TTLS_Version1 use the returned certificate length to allocate a larger buffer and reissue IOCTL with the larger buffer. 55 ENOBUFS Takesocket Not enough buffer space is available to create the Browse tutorials and samples now Contact Technical Support If you can't find the answers you need online, get in touch with our Technical Support staff.

You signed in with another tab or window. Retry when the connection path is up. 51 ENETUNREACH Connect The network cannot be reached. Help Login Register Forum Hive365 » Hive365 Plugins, Apps & Extensions » Hive365 Gaming Radio Plugins » SourceMod Plugin v3.0.* Bug Reports » Socket Error? « previous next » Print Pages: Tcp Ip Return Codes Call your system administrator. 73 ETIME All The timer has expired.

Use a valid file that is not a directory. 22 EINVAL All types An incorrect argument was specified. Check socket descriptor value. Check status and contents of source database if this occurred during a file access. 6 EAI_MEMORY GETADDRINFO GETNAMEINFO The resolver cannot obtain storage to process the host name. http://forums.teradata.com/forum/connectivity/aix-6-1-teradata-odbc-14-10-adhoc-throws-79-socket-error Correct the level or optname. 42 ENOPROTOOPT Getibmsockopt Setibmsockopt Either the level or the specified optname is not supported.

Ensure that the target application is active. 52 ENETRESET All The network dropped a connection on a reset. Socket Error 9 Correct the SERVICE. 8 ENOEXEC All An EXEC format error occurred. Correct the specified address. 49 EADDRNOTAVAIL IP_BLOCK_SOURCE, IP_ADD_SOURCE_ MEMBERSHIP, MCAST_BLOCK_SOURCE, MCAST_JOIN_SOURCE_ GROUP A duplicate source IP address is specified on the multicast group and interface pair. Correct the socket descriptor. 113 EBADF Accept A Listen() has not been issued before the Accept().

Tcp Socket Error Codes

Increase timer values or reissue function. 74 ENOSR All There are no more stream resources. The SetAD_ver value is not valid. Socket Error Codes Linux Reduce symbolic links to specified file. 63 ENAMETOOLONG All The file name is too long. Tcp Error Codes List N/A 54 ECONNRESET Send Write The connection to the destination host is not available.

Showing results for  Search instead for  Did you mean:  Teradata : Product Forums : Connectivity : AIX 6.1; Teradata ODBC 14.10; adhoc throws "79 So... this content Call your MVS system programmer. 2013 EINVALIDCLIENTID REXX An incorrect clientid was received from the TCP/IP server. Upgrading to the latest supported JDBC client is probably a good idea most of the time. –WW. Call your system administrator. 59 ETOOMANYREFS IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP, IP_ADD_SOURCE_ MEMBERSHIP, MCAST_JOIN_GROUP, MCAST_JOIN_SOURCE_ GROUP, IPV6_JOIN_GROUP A maximum of 20 multicast groups per single UDP socket or a maximum of 256 multicast groups per Tcp/ip Error Codes List

Check that the socket connection and TCP/IP are still active. 5 EAI_FAMILY GETADDRINFO GETNAMEINFO The AF or the FAMILY is incorrect. Correct by ensuring a Listen() was not issued before the Connect(). 46 EPFNOSUPPORT All The specified protocol family is not supported or the specified domain for the client identifier is not Check access authority of file. 13 EACCES Takesocket The other application (listener) did not give the socket to your application. weblink Specify the correct value. 23 ENFILE All Data set table overflow occurred.

Check access authority of file. 13 EACCES IOCTL (SIOCTTLSCTL) The IOCTL is requesting a function that requires that the socket be mapped to policy that specifies ApplicationControlled On. Socket Error 104 Check and correct all function parameters. 122 ECLOSED 126 ENMELONG 136 ENOTEMPT 145 E2BIG All The argument list is too long. Embed Share Copy sharable URL for this gist.

Specify the correct value. 22 EINVAL SIOCSMSFILTER, SIOCSIPMSFILTER The specified filter mode is not correct.

Check the validity of function parameters. 9 EBADF Takesocket The socket has already been taken. Call your MVS system programmer. 3412 ENODATA Message does not exist. 3416 ELINKED Stream is linked. 3419 ERECURSE Recursive attempt rejected. 3420 EASYNC Asynchronous I/O scheduled. I am getting a "socket error" when sending email via the SENDMAIL command. Socket Error 111 Reissue after previous call has completed. 1036 EIBMNOACTIVETCP All TCP/IP is not installed or not active.

Correct the protocol parameter. 44 ESOCKTNOSUPPORT All The specified socket type is not supported. Otherwise, use a different address or port in the socket address structure. 48 EADDRINUSE IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP, IP_ADD_SOURCE_ MEMBERSHIP, IPV6_JOIN_GROUP, MCAST_JOIN_GROUP, MCAST_JOIN_SOURCE_ GROUP The specified multicast address and interface address (or interface index) Always request TTLS_INIT_ CONNECTION when TTLS_ALLOW_ HSTIMEOUT is requested. check over here Check file permissions. 19 ENODEV All The specified device does not exist.

Call your system programmer. 1038 EIBMINVUSERDATA All The request control block contained user data that is not valid. Verify TCP/IP is active. 1016 EIBMTCPABEND All An abend occurred when TCP/IP was processing this request. Second, check to see if there is a software firewall or antivirus package on the computer which only allows certain programs to send mail. I hope this would help.

Reissue Connect(). 37 EALREADY IOCTL (SIOCTTLSCTL requesting TTLS_INIT_ CONNECTION or TTLS_STOP_ CONNECTION) For TTLS_INIT_ CONNECTION, the socket is already secure. Verify TCP/IP is active. 1014 EIBMUNAUTHORIZEDCALLER All An unauthorized caller specified an authorized keyword. After ensuring that an OMVS Segment is defined, if the errno is still returned, call your MVS™ system programmer to have IBM® service contacted. 157 EMISSED 1002 EIBMSOCKOUTOFRANGE Socket A socket How to explain centuries of cultural/intellectual stagnation?

Help with ContentSearch LINQ query syntax C++ Get min / max value of a static array at compile time Given that with a small character Is there a way to easily Correct the AF or the FAMILY. 5 EIO All An I/O error occurred. Check specified IOCTL() values. 26 ETXTBSY All A text data set is busy.