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Conventional memory layout usually places one bit of many different correction words adjacent on a chip. Upon detecting a soft error, the specified check circuit 344 provides a frame address for the corrupted storage bit and either an offset address of the corrupted storage bit in the Similarly, the storage bits in configuration memory frames 332 through 334 that configure the programmable resources 308, 310 through 312, 314, 316 through 318, 320, 322 through 324, 326, and 328 In another embodiment, the specification additionally specifies a placement of the elementary gates in the integrated circuit and a routing of interconnections between the elementary gates. weblink

The classification circuit determines the criticality class is not severe when the current state of status register 360 indicates the corrupted storage bit configures programmable resources that are idle or not The embodiments of the present invention are thought to be applicable to a variety of methods and systems for mitigating soft errors in integrated circuits. In another embodiment, a method is provided for mitigating a soft error in a configuration memory of a programmable integrated circuit. Possley, Kevin Boshears, Austin H. http://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/ip_documentation/sem/v4_1/pg036_sem.pdf

Sem Ip Core

Typically, the number of interconnect elements included in a tile depends on the height of the tile. Wirthlin, N. A respective mitigative technique is associated with each criticality class. In one embodiment, each elementary gate in the synthesized netlist is assigned a criticality class.

The effect is fairly small in any case resulting in a ±7% modulation of the energetic neutron flux in New York City. The correction circuit initiates mitigative techniques associated with the criticality classes, and the correction circuit initiates the mitigative technique associated with the criticality class specified in the map for the corrupted The method of claim 4, wherein the designating includes graphically segmenting a plurality of portions of the specification synthesized from the design description, and assigning one of the criticality classes to Sem Xilinx Pratt, and M.

doi:10.1109/TNS.2004.839134. Correcting soft errors[edit] Main article: ECC memory Designers can choose to accept that soft errors will occur, and design systems with appropriate error detection and correction to recover gracefully. When code blocks with different criticality classes must be packed together in a single configuration frame, preferentially the packed criticality classes have similar severities. The specified classification circuit 346 indexes into the map table 352 with an address of the corrupted storage bit from specified check circuit 344.

For example, the processor block PROC 210 shown in FIG. 2 spans several columns of CLBs and BRAMs. Xilinx Seu Fit Rate Calculator P. of the 40th Design Automation Conference (DAC'03) Jun. 2, 2003, pp. 650-655, ACM, New York, New York, USA.4Radaelli, Daniele et al., "Investigation of Multi-Bit Upsets in a 150 nm Technology SRAM The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down.


Please try the request again. The susceptibility of devices to upsets is described in the industry using the JEDEC JESD-89 standard. Sem Ip Core Key features are: Automatically detects, corrects, and classifies SEU errors Supports error injection so all aspects of a system can be evaluated Supports up to 100 MHz clock. Soft Error Mitigation Xilinx At block 106, the synthesized specification is segmented into portions, each portion being assigned a criticality class.

Ltd.Systems and methods for measuring soft errors and soft error rates in an application specific integrated circuitUS8146028Nov 19, 2008Mar 27, 2012Xilinx, Inc.Duplicate design flow for mitigation of soft errors in IC have a peek at these guys This technique is often used for write-through cache memories. For an example implementation of a user design in a programmable integrated circuit, the specification specifies the specific programmable logic resource implementing each elementary gate and the specific programmable interconnect resources In one embodiment, criticality classes are assigned to groups or frames of storage bits. Xilinx Seu

Horizontal areas 209 extending from this column are used to distribute the clocks and configuration signals across the breadth of the FPGA. The classification circuit determines the criticality class is severe, for example, when the current state of status register 360 indicates the corrupted storage bit configures programmable resources that are currently operating Allen, “Assessing and mitigating radiation effects in xilinx fpgas,” JPL Publ, vol. 08-09, 2008. [5] F. check over here Export You have selected 1 citation for export.

In another embodiment, the portions of block 106 are the programmable logic and interconnect resources of a programmable integrated circuit, and the criticality class of each individual programmable resource can be A map is stored in a memory, and the map specifies a criticality class for each storage bit in the integrated circuit. A higher Qcrit means fewer soft errors.

However, in general, these sources represent a small contribution to the overall soft error rate when compared to radiation effects.

James F. The sun does not generally produce cosmic ray particles with energy above 1GeV that are capable of penetrating to the Earth's upper atmosphere and creating particle showers, so the changes in Graham, “Hardness by design techniques for field programmable gate arrays,” in Proc. 11th annual NASA symposium on VLSI design, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, 28-29 May 2003. [4] P. Below are links to the Xilinx Product Data for the version that was used as the basis, and the Logicircuit Data Sheet of the resulting DO-254 product.Link to the Xilinx Product

The storage bits in configuration memory frames 332 through 334 are classified into various criticality classes, depending upon the severity of the effects of corruption of each storage bit. doi:10.1126/science.206.4420.776. Hentschke, L. this content However, from a microarchitectural-level standpoint, the affected result may not change the output of the currently-executing program.

As will be clear to those of skill in the art, the actual I/O pads connected, for example, to the I/O logic element 215 are manufactured using metal layered above the At the Earth's surface approximately 95% of the particles capable of causing soft errors are energetic neutrons with the remainder composed of protons and pions.[3] IBM estimated in 1996 that one In yet another example, the pragmas are comments that explicitly specify the extent of each code block, with a code block beginning with an opening comment that specifies the criticality class ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News. 30 (2): 87.

Smith Single event upset mitigation by means of a sequential circuit freeze Microelectronics Reliability, 52 (2011), pp. 1233–1240 [10] M. A 2011 Black Hat paper discusses the real-life security implications of such bit-flips in the Internet's DNS system. Indeed, in modern devices, cosmic rays may be the predominant cause. A system utilising modular redundancy is then implemented and tested under the new method.

Surv, vol. 43, pp. 31:1-31:30, 2011. [8] A. Carney, Opens overlay Richard P. No. 13/300,507, filed Nov. 18, 2011, White et al.7Xilinx, Inc., LogiCORE(TM) IP Soft Error Mitigation Controller v1.2 User Guide, UG764 (v1.2), Dec. 14, 2010, pp. 1-96, Xilinx, Inc., San Jose, CA Images(4)Claims(20) What is claimed is: 1.

The classification circuit 346 specified in configuration data 304 determines the criticality class of the corrupted storage bit, using a map table 350 or 352 specifying a criticality class for each A system for mitigating a soft error, comprising: a programmable integrated circuit including programmable logic and interconnect resources and a configuration memory, the programmable logic and interconnect resources implementing a user In combinational logic, this effect is transient, perhaps lasting a fraction of a nanosecond, and this has led to the challenge of soft errors in combinational logic mostly going unnoticed. Neutrons are uncharged and cannot disturb a circuit on their own, but undergo neutron capture by the nucleus of an atom in a chip.

The paper found up to 3,434 incorrect requests per day due to bit-flip changes for various common domains. For instance, many failures per million circuits due to soft errors can be expected in the field if the system does not have adequate soft error protection. Our research proposes a test regime in which design strategies for self-healing circuits can be compared and demonstrated to work. Keywords FPGA; Hardware-in-loop; Fault Tolerance; TMR; Fault Injection ; Download full The method of claim 1, wherein the memory is external to the integrated circuit. 3.

SUMMARY In one embodiment, a method is provided for mitigating a soft error in an integrated circuit. doi:10.1147/rd.401.0019. ^ a b Tom Simonite, Should every computer chip have a cosmic ray detector?, New Scientist, March 2008 ^ Gordon, M.S.; Goldhagen, P.; Rodbell, K.P.; Zabel, T.H.; Tang, H.H.K.; Clem, Help Direct export Save to Mendeley Save to RefWorks Export file Format RIS (for EndNote, ReferenceManager, ProCite) BibTeX Text Content Citation Only Citation and Abstract Export Advanced search Close This document