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Sony Camcorder Error Message


You just saved me a fortune and made my day!!!!My sony is a DCR PC120, so different model but the same 31:23 error code. Thanks to whoever figured this trick out, and I humbly admit that I thought it was a stupid idea until I tried it out of desperation! Put the tape back in and the error went away. Sony Error Code: C:31:30 and C:32:30 Click Here For More Details These error codes will display when there is a problem with the capstan motor. check my blog

Zeke Tue, 18 Apr 2006 20:15:58 -0700 I have a DSR-PC5E and a whacked it and it works perfectly now. the error code was gone... If the camcorder goes into one of these errors the only thing that you can try in resetting the camcorder and try again.  This is done by removing the battery or I didn't think it would really work... https://us.en.kb.sony.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/42744/~/the-camcorder-displays-an-error-code-with-the-letter-c%3A-or-e%3A-followed-by-a

Sony Handycam Error C 31 23

TRV 330E. Thanks to all!! (camara TRV 250) PamelaX Wed, 19 Apr 2006 18:04:20 -0700 Debbie I love you! I can't tell you how greatful I am. Some methods seem to follow from generation, to generation.This old trick used to work with 'ye olde televisions.

  1. The lower drum is the motor that is responsible for spinning the video heads.
  2. Any fixes to this?
  3. It works now and does not require slapping.
  4. The video camera will not always detect that there is a problem and warn you.
  5. I watched about 20 minutes of video with the vcr selection without failure.

It is ALWAYS cheaper that let it repair at a big company (even including shipping costs!). In Israel it works too!!! le dimos unos pequeños golpes por el lado en que esta la cinta, la apagamos, la prendimos y la maldita camara funciona!! Sony Handycam Reinsert Cassette Error I was (too?) carefully hitting the instrument, but nothing has changed.Does anybody know what is broken when the C:31:40 code appears and how it can be overcome without sending it to

No tape would work. Sony Handycam Error C 31 22 Inside this roller you will find a small white plastic tube that inserts to hold the roller steady. It is the part that usually wears when we say that the video heads are worn and need to be replaced. Then, when I was in vacation the well-known error C:31:22 appeared on my screen!

Thanks for saving me the technical support!! C:32:11 Most repairs are completed in one week or less. Please use a modern browser: Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome © Copyright 2003-2016 Video One Repair. Scott Wed, 22 Mar 2006 12:48:56 -0800 Yeh,It works also for mine Sony DCR-TRV11E, thanks.oTTo oTTo Thu, 23 Mar 2006 11:32:00 -0800 I am certainly in the whack-a-mole club!

Sony Handycam Error C 31 22

I intend to use the camera heavily before then to see how long this no tech fix works. visit And so far all seems to be working ok!I tried many different tapes, and came to the conclusion it was not them at fault. Sony Handycam Error C 31 23 The suggestion was to open the tape deck of the camera and look to the right. Sony Camera Error E 62 10 Thanks Debbie!

Aleta Thu, 2 Feb 2006 17:14:25 -0800 My God! click site There are way to many people that have this problem...what is something that I could do to get started in this? and after 5mins of banging and poking my fingers in the tape chamber, I can play the tapes, with no noise or flashing...!! Running a head cleaner tape will not fix this problem. C:31:40

At 4:35 in the AM figured why not so I gave the puppy a smack and whatta ya know. If the error reappears the unit needs to be serviced or repaired. Kev Sat, 6 May 2006 17:48:43 -0700 I was looking for info on Sony cameracodes...and I found a lawsuit againstSony...with a long list of camcordersand digital still cameras. news working!!!

I'd like to get my problem fixed... C:31:42 you're a genius Debbie!! I don't see a white tip so all of Thom have white tips??

This fix did not work for me but take heart!

Thought I was in for a rip off service fee. but i must remeber not to fully rewind the cassetes from now on. Tommy Tue, 18 Oct 2005 16:08:02 -0700 I just watched my son hit the side of his camera and it worked LOL. Sony Handycam Tape Stuck Alex Wed, 21 Dec 2005 16:18:37 -0800 wow thanks, bought this for my mum and dad to video the grandchildren, so glad it will work for christmas.

Happy Wacker Wed, 4 Jan 2006 09:02:02 -0800 I seriously thought this was absolutely ridiculous, but I swear to god, my camera had this error message (31:23)for the last week, could Thanks. because the inside tape devices are very sensitive after using the camera a period of time this devices MUST BE ADJUSTED by a professional (the smack did help a my camra More about the author Thanks Again!

Don’t forget to try a different tape. because i can't find any logical explications... Don't freak out a straw for a can of compressed air will work, or from a can of WD-40 will aswell. Thank you !

freakin camera i paid like 200$ to get it fixed and i wacked it on both sides like 6 times and now it works omg omg.. Thanks Debby !