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Sophos Antivirus Error Codes


Check that your computer conforms to the system requirements. 0x80070057 One or more arguments are invalid Close one or more programs and try again. Alternatively for licensed products open a support ticket. The network path was not found. Important: It is strongly recommended you check article 120448first as it is the most common occurrence for installation failure. http://phabletkeyboards.com/sophos-error/sophos-antivirus-error-1935.php

If CheckRegForNullDACLs is failing with Return Value 3, check the permissions on the keys used by Sophos.For example, see the knowledgebase article 39357. Alternatively for licensed products open a support ticket. Known to apply to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s) Sophos UTM v9UTM Managed Endpoint (Windows 2000+) What To Do Select from the links provide below which you wish to troubleshoot: Note: To understand how the console protects a computer (useful when troubleshooting) see article 12455.

Sophos Management Communications System Installation Failed With Error 0x643

Error code Error description What to do 0x8000ffff Catastrophic failure Uninstall and reinstall, checking that a supported operating system is in use, that the account has sufficient rights and that the The product name should be displayed in the title of the error window displayed. Note:This endpoint service is only required to be configured for Enterprise Console 5.0 and lower, Enterprise Manager and Sophos Control Center. If the message shown at the bottom does not show success and the log is recent you have the correct file to troubleshoot further...

The MSI log for MCS should prove helpful at understanding the underlying cause, for example, the product has been removed without using the installer. 125 Cause The installer has found registry Beyond that the following guidance should be followed: There are various reasons why the endpoint may fail to register. To view these files and verify the contents, select Start > Run, then type%temp%,and press return. Installation Program Finishing With Code 145 In order to help us solve your case as quickly and effectively as possible, before you contact us, please obtain the following additional information and submit it as follows: Run theSophos

What To Do SophosInstall.exe requires administrative rights over the computer to install. 116 Cause Another securityproduct is present on the computerand the 'remove' option was not used. Check to see if User Account Control (UAC) needs to be disabled When UAC is enabled this error can occur, therefore disable this setting to see if the issue is resolved. For example, if the address the computer is attempting to update from is '\\sophosServer1\SophosUpdate\CIDs\S000\SAVSCFXP\' ensure: The computer can access the server (e.g., ping sophosServer1, resolve the server name to the correct UTM Within the UTM dashboard select Endpoint Protection from the left-hand pane and then select 'Open Endpoint Protection live log'.

If you need technical support please post a question to our community. Sophos Error Code 134 Return code Cause and resolution 0 Cause The Sophos Centralinstaller has completed successfully. If you have a Workgroup ('peer to peer') network you may not have the share set up. Every comment submitted here is read (by a human) but we do not reply to specific technical questions.

Sophos Installation Program Finishing With Code 134

If you do not find any information you can contact Sophos Technical Support for further advice. The operating system of the remote computer is Windows 8+ in a workgroup environment. Sophos Management Communications System Installation Failed With Error 0x643 For invalid or expired credentials, the log will say “unable to authenticate user”. Sophos Error 0x643 As part of the initial registration with Sophos LiveConnect, the endpoint will receive a MCS ID as an endpoint identity.You can verify the identity by checking theMCSClient.log, which may be renamed

Error 0x80004005 and Type: Error, Source: MsiInstaller, Category: None, Event ID: 1014,
Description: Windows Installer proxy not correctly registered. my review here Note: In the log file 'Sophos Endpoint Bootstrap_[TimeStamp].txt', you will also see and error such as: ERROR,There was an unexpected problem with the installation of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Attempt the package installation again. 8. There Was An Unexpected Problem With The Installation Of Sophos Endpoint Security And Control

English 简体中文 český English Français Deutsch Magyar Italiano 日本語 한국의 Polski Español 繁體中文 Legal Privacy Cookie Information 1 of 5 previous next close Sophos Community Search User Help Site Search User Let's talk! Issue After installing, upgrading or updating one or more components of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control you see any of the following errors: Error 00000067 0x00000067 00000067 The MSI has failed. click site A trailing . (dot) in the FQDN name.

The following services on the endpoint computer can all be started: Task Scheduler Remote Registry (must remain started and be set to automatic). Sophos Return Code 16 Endpoint fails to update If the endpoint has successfullyregistered with the Sophos LiveConnect, the primary update location within Sophos AutoUpdate will be configured with the centrally configured updating policy. What are the log files called?

Unregister and re-register the msiexec process This will vary slightly according to your operating system, for example: On Windows XP Choose Start > Run.

Check registry permissions Before you make any changes to the registry, ensure that youread the warning about editing the registry. Then repeat the installation or upgrade. 0x80070002 The system cannot find the file specified Check that the required folder can be written to by the workstation. 0x80070004 The system cannot open Professional Services Our experience. Sophos Error 134 The installation logs are located in either the Windows temporary folder or the temporary folder of the user account that was used to install the software.

You can select Live Log or View for the Historic log. On Windows Vista Choose Start, type msiexec /unreg in the Search field and press Enter. Tip: Searching the log file for the text: ERROR should help you identify the failure. navigate to this website Bad news for spam.

To access the local folders of an endpoint computer: Ensure you are logged on as a (domain) administrator account. There is a mismatch in DNS where a new DHCP address is registered against the old name and the forward zone cannot update the record. Then repeat the installation or upgrade. 0x8007000e Ran out of memory Close one or more programs and try again. The filename includes a token.

See article 11056 for further information on how to verify the location set for updating. e03d000f or e03d02f030 Jan 201580070002 The installation could not be started: The system cannot find the file specified.28 Jan 2015Enterprise Console: error "Incompatible Certificate"27 Jan 2015A scheduled scan or scheduled task If, for example, the share has only 'administrators' with read access and you push out from the console you may see a permanent ('stuck') orange arrow (pointing down) next to the In addition to that the MCS server being accessed will also be listed, e.g.:'https://mcs-amzn-eu-west-1-9af7.upe.p.hmr.sophos.com/sophos/management/ep', for the above example, can the Sophos certificate be obtained from this URL.

Otherwise follow the steps below. From the list displayed,identify the MSI log related to the product that has generated the error. Open Windows Explorer, and in the address bar type%temp%then press Return. Select Ctrl+F (or 'Edit' | 'Find...').

If you need technical support please post a question to our community.