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Sophos Error 2318

Che... 1712: One or more of the files required to restore your computer to its pre... 1713: [2] cannot install one of its required products. Note: In the log file 'Sophos Endpoint Bootstrap_[TimeStamp].txt', you will also see and error such as: ERROR,There was an unexpected problem with the installation of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control. What To Do See article119619 for guidance. 120 Cause The Sophos Central installer has failed to install Sophos AutoUpdate. What do the various Windows Installer (MSI) error codes mean? More about the author

Table could not be dropped: [3]. 2207: Database: [2]. Invalid row/field data. 2221: Database: [2]. Transform or merge code page [3] differs from database... 2223: Database: [2]. Missing update columns in UPDATE SQL statement. 2241: Database: [2].

Important: It is strongly recommended you check article 120448first as it is the most common occurrence for installation failure. AssemblyName: Microsoft.VC80.CRT,type="win32",version="8.0.50727.4053",publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",processorArchitecture="x86", AppContext: , InstallMode: -4MSI (s) (08:C0) [13:51:58:330]: Pathbuf: 0, pcchPathBuf: 0MSI (s) (08:C0) [13:51:58:330]: MsiProvideAssembly is returning: 1607MSI (s) (08:C0) [13:51:58:346]: Entering MsiProvideAssembly. Verify that you... 1918: Error installing ODBC driver: [4], ODBC error [2]: [3]. AssemblyName: Microsoft.VC90.CRT,version="9.0.30729.6161",publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",processorArchitecture="x86",type="win32", AppContext: , InstallMode: -4MSI (s) (60:80) [09:55:28:330]: Pathbuf: 0, pcchPathBuf: 0MSI (s) (60:80) [09:55:28:330]: MsiProvideAssembly is returning: 1607MSI (s) (60:80) [09:55:28:994]: Entering MsiProvideAssembly.

Data access failed, out of memory. 2203: Database: [2]. As this will lead to problems later these have been detected by the installer. Transaction not started. 2765: Assembly name missing from AssemblyName table : Component: [4]. 2766: The file [2] is an invalid MSI storage file. 2767: No more data{ while enumerating [2]}. 2768: This message is indica...

Missing ')' in SQL query: [3]. 2232: Database: [2]. How Do I Know What Network Card I Have? All rights reserved. The installation of one or more products has failed.

Can you just confirm the extract folders you do and don't have as the next step.:42914 Ingo 0 27 Aug 2013 3:18 PM This is the path I got now:C:\Program Files Verify th... 1915: Error removing ODBC driver manager, ODBC error [2]: [3]. Counter after increment: 0MSI (s) (08:9C) [13:51:58:658]: Note: 1: 1402 2: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\Rollback\Scripts 3: 2MSI (s) (08:9C) [13:51:58:658]: Note: 1: 1402 2: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\Rollback\Scripts 3: 2MSI (s) (08:9C) [13:51:58:658]: Decrementing counter to disable Invalid type specifier '[3]' in SQL query [4]. 2245: IStorage::Stat failed with error [3]. 2246: Database: [2].

If you need technical support please post a question to our community. Contact your sup... 1602: The user cancels installation. 1602: Are you sure you want to cancel? 1603: The file [2][3] is being held in use by the following process: Name: ... Click here to go to the product suggestion community Windows XP - Failed to install SAVXP Hi, We're having an issue installing Sophos Endpoint Security and Control onto an XP SP3 machine Please log in to comment Rating comments in this legacy AppDeploy message board thread won't reorder them,so that the conversation will remain readable.

Data access failed, out of memory. 2202: Database: [2]. http://phabletkeyboards.com/sophos-error/sophos-error-3005.php Contact your support pe... 1912: Could not unregister type library for file [2]. Ther... 2811: "On dialog [2] control [3] has to take focus, but it is unable to do ... 2812: The event [2] is not recognized. 2813: "The EndDialog event was called Could not create database table [3]. 2212: Database: [2].

Same error.Is there any log I can post?Regards,Ingo:42912 ruckus 0 27 Aug 2013 2:17 PM Question 1: Do you have the folder: C:\Program files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\ ? bkelly How helpful is this to you? Expected product version >= [... 2751: "Transform [2] invalid for package [3]. http://phabletkeyboards.com/sophos-error/sophos-error-2738.php Verify that you have suf... 1925: You do not have sufficient privileges to complete this installation f... 1926: Could not set file security for file '[3]'.

What To Do Force an update of Sophos from the shield icon and check that Sophos is installed on the computer. GetLastError: [2]. 2381: Directory does not exist: [2]. 2382: Drive not ready: [2]. 2401: 64-bit registry operation attempted on 32-bit operating system for ke... 2402: Out of memory. 2501: Could not OS is Windows 2008 R2.

Verify that you have sufficient permis... 1909: Could not create shortcut [2].

Product Name: Sophos Management Communications System. Return code Cause and resolution 0 Cause The Sophos Centralinstaller has completed successfully. Contact your support... 1720: There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. Evidence of the policy being received would be updating credentials being populated in the Sophos AutoUpdate configure dialog.

Database object creation failed, mode = [3]. 2201: Database: [2]. Verify that you have suff... 1924: Could not update environment variable '[2]'. Expected product version < [4... 2748: "Transform [2] invalid for package [3]. navigate to this website Verify that you have sufficient ... 1921: Service '[2]' ([3]) could not be stopped.

No transform generated. 2224: Database: [2]. Sophos Community Search User Help Site Search User communities Email Appliance Endpoint Security and Control Free Tools Mobile Device Protection PureMessage Reflexion SafeGuard Encryption Server Protection Sophos Central Sophos Clean Sophos What To Do Using Regedit, check permissions of the following locations: HKLM\SOFTWARE HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Interface HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Typelib It is recommended that you consult a working computer running the same operating system for the What To Do There are various reasons why Sophos AutoUpdate may fail to install.

Script version: [3], minimum version... 2927: ShellFolder id [2] is invalid. 2928: Exceeded maximum number of sources.