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Sources Of Error In Static Equilibrium Lab


Many times friction will be ignored in a lab, but with this simple experiment there is no friction present. One source of error in this experiment is the starting friction in the pulleys. We picked a "nesting doll" theme for our mobile. 2. When you achieve equilibrium of the body, the directions of the forces lie along the direction of the strings. navigate to this website

In Fig. 2A: f fiberboard rectangle p pulleys w one of the weight hangers m mirror. Note: The torque of a force is not a unique value, but depends upon the chosen center of torques. Find the components of vector B. Estimate how much additional error is introduced into the drawing by construction and measurement steps.

Torque Lab Sources Of Error

Fig. 4. The length of this perpendicular line is called the lever arm of that force. Good bookkeeping. Whether a spring is moving or not, the same spring should retain its spring constant.

Materials: 1. What is the size and direction of the additional "error" vector required to close the polygon? Conclusion: Part I: Through this lab we verified our hypothesis that the clockwise torque of a system is equal to the counter clockwise torque of an object while the system is The torque, though does increase as explained above. 3.

Meter stick 2.Knife-edge clamps 3. Torque Lab Report In this experiment you will study the special case of a body at rest, having zero velocity. The last conclusion that could be made is that had the "k" value been known prior to the lab, then our results would have turned out to be more accurate, rather Scotch Tape 9.

Draw the lines of action of the forces on the sheet. Transfer the forces to the paper. (2) FOUR FORCES. PURPOSE: (1) Study static equilibrium under the action of several forces. (2) Test whether the forces on a body at rest add to zero. (3) Test whether the torques on a On the worksheet of procedure (2), choose an arbitrary center of torques somewhere on the sheet.

  1. Why is this important?
  2. After doing so we found that some dowels were still not balanced.
  3. Trial 6 is also frequently used in the real world.
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  5. For example, if the natural resonant frequency is multiplied by 3, there will be 2 antinodes.
  6. Because of this, the COM must be included as a mass of sorts on one side of the pivot point (included with its own force and distance from the pivot point).

Torque Lab Report

In this experiment the force table is an ordinary drawing board with pulleys attached at its edges. [If the laboratory table top is not too thick, the pulleys may be attached Static equilibrium physic lab problem? Torque Lab Sources Of Error We were able to obtain the mass of the strings and redo our calculations to ensure accuracy. Static Equilibrium Lab Conclusion In an attempt to allow for a small margin of error based on human reaction time, we measured several periods for each mass, rather than just using our first measured time.

Yes No Sorry, something has gone wrong. useful reference A laptop 2. Question: What kind of sources of error for a static equilib... Through these various methods of experimentation and measurement, we were able to fundamentally prove the ideas behind torque and equilibrium, thus demonstrating their legitimacy throughout the field of physics. Rotational Equilibrium

Usually, when doing a torque equation, the COM is the pivot point. The line will lie accurately along the direction of the string and therefore records the direction of the force due to that string. In other words, what counterbalanced the unknown mass? my review here Get it on the web or iPad!

Investigate and record the error in the angle in the same way. 7. Note that your electronic calculator always returns an angle less than 90°, which you must convert to correctly indicate the quadrant in which the angle lies. Obtain the mass of each individual nesting doll layer and dowel. 6.

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The forces are applied by strings which run over the pulleys to different sized weights on weight hangers. For example, a scaffold used to support a window washer and his supplies must be completely balanced to insure the safety of the window washer. Analysis/Conclusion: The purpose/goal of this lab experiment was to determine whether or not the mass of the object directly affected the period. The force and torque analysis for each situation is then done directly on that work sheet.

Example: Refer to Fig. 6. Lay an edge of the triangle along the vector, then lay a ruler along another edge of the triangle. SITUATIONS TO INVESTIGATE: Each different situation is recorded on a separate sheet of drawing paper. get redirected here The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down.

APPARATUS: Drawing board, four pulleys with table edge clamps, four weight hangers, metric mass set (colloquially called "weights"), fiberboard "body" with four holes and attached strings, ruler, draftsman's triangle, small mirror, Buy two sets of nesting dolls, each containing 5 different "layers". 3. Answer Questions How much pressure is needed to compress the volume of a brass block by 0.13 percent? RE: static equilibrium lab?

Please upload a file larger than 100x100 pixels We are experiencing some problems, please try again. This results in the swaying motion of any particle which undergoes simple harmonic motion. 2.