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Speed Of Sound Experiment Error


We repeated this procedure three times. We also were forced to use the stopwatch, which could have been slightly off considering that it didn’t have a motion detector attached that could send signals to stop it, and The exponent in the equation in the frequency vs. The difference between the two is only .08 - fairly small as far as this experiment is concerned.The percent difference in the fundamental frequency was a mere 0.83%. http://phabletkeyboards.com/sources-of/speed-of-sound-in-air-lab-error.php

To fix this problem, we could have used a different method for determining the maximums, maybe a sensor that can definitely and accurately detect them. We timed for 5 periods and divided the time by 5 to get the time for one period. The first value, which came from conservation of energy, was 3.33 N/m, while the second value, which came from harmonic motion, was 3.27 N/m. The largest source of error would probably be in our method for determining length of the maximums.

Speed Of Sound Lab Possible Errors

The times, as seen on the screen (labeled "Delta" in the screen shots) were 2.960 and 2.820 mS, respectively; averaging them we obtain 2.89 mSec.Our separation was 1.016 meters, which leads This could likely be attributed to rounding errors when doing calculations. We can, therefore, disregard it.Oscilloscope time base inaccuracy.

  1. Since the total delay was about 2.9 mS, this represents an error of about 0.05/2.9, or +/- 1.7 %.Differing response times between the (mismatched) microphones.
  2. If we used a motion detector, this would have greatly helped us in eliminating a great source of error throughout the experiment.
  3. I am trying to think of possible sources of error that may have been done during the experiment to prevent my getting my 'desired value' n3w ton, Jun 8, 2011
  4. DaveC426913, Jun 8, 2011 Jun 8, 2011 #4 n3w ton yes the teacher said these results are fine, now I need to find a possible source of error that may have
  5. Errors: What kind of errors could there have been in the experiment?
  6. In this experiment, we solved to find velocity in two different ways: one by finding the relationship on a frequency vs.

In my location, a few hundred feet above sea level, in the winter when the indoor air is very dry, this formula is probably pretty accurate. Edit: Also, could you give a few details on how you measured everything? Are your results any better when using the more accurate relationship (where m is the hanging mass and m2 is the mass of the spring)? Resonance In Closed Air Columns Lab Sources Of Error Hence the longest wavelength of the sound in the tube can be $\lambda =4(0.35+0.3*0.053) =1.464 m$.

Record it in your data table.11. Speed Of Sound Error Analysis The frequency generator made these waves while the speaker produced the sounds. The estimate errors on the measured speed of the sound are between 0.25% and 1.25% which show that the method presented above to measure the speed of sound is quite accurate. The distance between their centers was measured with a tape measure.

The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Resonance Lab Sources Of Error Sarah and Caroline Objectives: What is the relationship between frequency and the tension of transverse waves traveling in a stretched string?What is the relationship between frequency and harmonic number?What is the They come from the position of the resonant fork on the top of the tube (it must be centered and not touch the top of the tube, but not too high) If the velocities were changed, the number of nodes at frequencies would be changed as well. 4.

Speed Of Sound Error Analysis

This was repeated at the "other end", and the results averaged, to cancel out any difference in microphone response time or propagation delay in the the signal paths from the microphones.Sources Comments Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites Path:physicsinsights> misc > A Measurement of the Speed of Sound You can, of course, look up this value in lots of Speed Of Sound Lab Possible Errors Show also how the length of the tube L5,is related to the wavelength, λ.)()()()()(The equation for length in an open tube is L= n 1/2 wavelength, from this equation we know Sources Of Error In Resonance Tube Experiment For example, what is the effect of a 0.5 degree shift in temperature?

Though it was measured on a machine, the machine was dialed by us, and we may not have not stopped it always at the exact frequency was the amplitude was highest. this page What do they show/prove?For the results see the above table. Furthermore, the absolute error in our raw number is 6.6 meters per second, or just 1.9 %.Figure 3 -- First shot:Figure 4 -- Second shot: Page created on 02/04/07 ERROR The http://www.nist.gov/itl/sed/gsg/fundamentals_course.cfm Andy Resnick, Jun 9, 2011 Jun 9, 2011 #11 DaveC426913 Gold Member Also, perhaps your meter stick was out of calibration. Tuning Fork Lab Sources Of Error

This would make it so the particles in the air are moving at a faster speed. The friendliest, high quality science and math community on the planet! It could also be due to rounding and calculation related issues. get redirected here wavelength graph) Discussion Questions: 1.

Include the diameter of the tube in the appropriate equations... Sources Of Error In Standing Waves Experiment Please upload a file larger than 100x100 pixels We are experiencing some problems, please try again. Your ad here, right now: $0 Speed of Sound laboratory valentin68 October 29, 2012 Speed of Sound 1.

When graphing the second values of oscillation, we used the power fit for the trend line so that we could limit error because without using this fit, the slope value would

What is the effect of the type of string on the amount of hanging mass needed to create a set number of nodes? If you don't care too much about precision, it's pretty simple.Test Equipment Used1 acoustic impulse generator (er, that'sa pair of hands, actually, struck forcefully together).1 "Phone Mate" answering machine microphone, saved Found the antinode. 4. Speed Of Sound Physics Lab Sources Of Error The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down.

Also Please give me a possible source of error for this lab, (no human erros please THANKS! L is the y axis, n is the x axis, so 1/4 wavelength is the slope.Why was the length of the tube always smaller than expected?Because of the large diameter of Which of the f? useful reference Error throughout this experiment could have derived from our lack of exact instruments.